Brock Engineering
P. O. Box 302, Roxbury CT 06783

This is the home page of Brock Engineering, a mechanical engineering company in Roxbury Connecticut. The business of Brock Engineering is mechanical design and analysis, process simulation and analysis. In the future, this home page may contain copies of recent publications, resume(s) of employees, and experience histories. From time to time it may contain links to rants on the profession of engineering and possibly on life in general.

The president, owner, and, currently, the sole employee of Brock Engineering is Fred Klingener, a fourth-generation mechanical engineer with broad experience in mechanical design, analysis, and implementation.

Most recently, Fred has been working on programming combined discrete-continuous simulations. To get a better idea of what he's been up to lately, see an abstract of the paper he gave at the 1995 Winter Simulation Conference. That paper showed how to program combined models in ProModel, a simulation package without direct support for continuous processes. As an example, that paper used a toy problem from the literature. For WSC in 1996, he prepared a paper on an approach to programming combined models for performance using methods better suited to problems encountered in the real world. (See the html version of the paper at the link above.)

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